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Confessions of a domestic engineer.... just kidding!! Shopping for clothes is always an extraordinary feat for me. Spending hours going from store to store just to get naked in every dressing room for nothing. Then I need an extra large chocolate bar and a week long nap to recover. So that's when 413 Couture was born, clothing for women, made by a women from ground up, with you in mind every second, every cut, and every stitch. I'm Andrea Burks, but call me Andie, I'm the owner, designer, seamstress, and domestic engineer of 413 Couture. Each item I create is hand crafted with each woman and each body type in mind. My goal is make clothing that is beautiful, practical, and affordable. I took to sewing at an early age and my grandmother taught me, I would spend ever moment possible at her house. Playing in her fabric, sorting thru all her patterns, an spending hours meticulously cutting everything out, this was my happy place while other kids spent their time at the mall. The goal was to attend college in New York but I married my husband right after I graduated, so I'm completely self taught with some formal classes here and there. I have 3 little boys, 8, 3, and almost 2 years old, I also home school them because I like to punish myself, totally kidding. I have been married 9 years to the man of my dreams. He was in the military for 6 years so traveling and moving far from family really helped me dive deeper into my love of sewing, plus I wanted to help contribute financially to or family expenses. Most days you'll find a baby in my lap "helping," one doing homework at the cutting table, and one running around the back yard chasing the goat. Yes we have a goat for a family pet. Just and everyday, extra ordinary, family funny farm. Now that you know all about me join the 413 Couture VIP group so I can get to know you!! Www.facebook.com/groups/1846051355458204

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